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There is quite a bit of Information for genealogists on this site - it is best accessed using the search feature above.  Note that I have almost zero additional information - it is all on the web site.  If you contact me, I will be polite but I don’t have any additional information. The best additional source of info for researchers is at the Cobourg Library where they have a local history room stocked with many historical books and documents. They do have some photos on-line but not much more - you need to visit.

A good source of information is the Northumberland County Archives. Contact the archivist Abigail Miller by email here or County Web site here.

In 2017, members of the Cobourg Museum Foundation undertook to create a map of Cobourg as it would have been in 1867.  But it was not just a paper map but a 3D model.  It was on display for a short while in the lobby of Victoria Hall - below is a photo of it taken at that time.  It is planned to feature it from time to time at the Sifton-Cooke Heritage centre which is operated by the Museum Foundation.

1867 Map

Download a large jpg version of this.